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As the world economy slowly rebounds from the recent financial crisis, one thing hasn’t changed much; men still wear neckties and want their professional appearance to demand attention. Despite changes in men’s attitude about ties in the 1980’s, when casual Fridays became the norm, many men still considered the necktie a mandatory article of clothing, especially among the professional crowd.

During the 1990s the so-called power ties were the “in” thing, usually red or other brightly colored ties worn with a dark suit that management experts claimed would command respect. Today, those power ties have been replaced by less contrasting colors as men return to a more conservative look within many industries. Matching the colors of ties to the colors of their shirts and suits, taking skin tone into consideration, remains important to most men. However, some still prefer a slightly different look in order to stand-out among the crowd.

One key aspect of men’s ties that has changed considerably is the amount of money many men are willing to pay for their neckwear. With a closet full of neckties men seem to be more reluctant to drop a hundred dollars or more on a necktie. While searching through the backs of their closets to find old ties that are still in good condition, they are also on the lookout for bargains they can get on their ties. Companies such as Jon vanDyk have found that men still want fashionable neckwear. They don’t necessarily want “cheap” but they do want to have value in their neckties.

In the recent past some companies have relaxed their dress codes, allowing men to open their collars for a more comfortable appearance. Not all men however, have embraced this new look and still want to maintain their professional appearance. They are more consistent with their apparel choice and are determined to present themselves in the best possible professional light. Those who meet customers especially are going back to wearing neckties that show deference to those they meet. Whether in their own place of business or out in the field men believe that ties show respect to others and at the same time command a level of respect for their position.

It has often been said that clothes make the man or that people should dress for success and many men believe that wearing neckties is a sign of success. In Medieval times neckwear was considered a sign of stature and that attitude has not changed much in hundreds of years. Today’s professional men are reverting back to the days when a tie was worn at work regardless of their position within their company. For some it can be a sign of importance rather than economic status.

By all appearances neckties will never go out of fashion but by all indications the price men are willing to pay for their neckties has become an important part of their decision-making process. They want style, they want colors that match their shirts and suits and they want durability. To maintain the trend for men’s continuing adoration for neckties companies that can provide value for their investment will have a secure place in the necktie industry.