Jon vanDyk Ties


Looking for the right necktie in the right color with the right pattern can be a daunting experience unless you’re looking at the collection of Jon vanDyk ties. Clearly the one place that offers a large selection of color and patterns, the neckties offered by vanDyk are produced with quality and durability in mind and the color choices can be overwhelming. Choosing just the right tie can be made easier if you consider why wearing a necktie is necessary for any particular event.

Ties for work

Beginning with a job interview, especially in the business community, a necktie is a near necessity to show respect for the person conducting the job interview. Solid colors that do not distract the interviewer from listening to you are recommended and the quality of your neckwear is often seen as an extension of your personality. The type of position you are seeking will help you decide on the color of the tie you wear and if the job won’t require you to wear a jacket over your shirt, a skinny tie may be an option…but not during the interview.

In some occupations neckties may be considered an optional accessory, but during a job interview it is considered necessary. Your neckwear shows that you are a professional and will translate into you having a professional attitude. When wearing a necktie to a job interview you should avoid those that are considered loud or will clash with your clothing.

The so-called power ties are typically red with a higher level of brilliance but not all power ties are red. Brilliant blues, greens and gold have found a place in the active business world and these, along with many other neutral colors are available in the vanDyk line of neckties.

Tie for special occasions

When out on the town for a celebration wearing neckties can add a degree of elegance to your attire. Black ties may be acceptable but you can stand out as being more distinctive with a black tie that offers structure with a pattern. Whether diagonal stripes of an opposing color or of a lighter shade than the necktie’s base color, the tie should be offset by a regulated pattern.

At Jon vanDyk neckties are a core part of our business and the colors and patterns have been chosen by professionals to be able to fit into any activity in which a necktie is necessary. With a history going back to the middle-ages, when knights used neckwear to protect their necks from rubbing against their suits of armor, neckties emerged as a sign of the knight’s status. Today, the color and design of neckties do not necessarily indicate a man’s status but they can indicate a man’s willingness to present a professional appearance.

Quality materials with fabric woven by us using exacting standards make vanDyk ties durable and timeless. An inner lining makes them more resistant to twisting and less susceptible to leaving remnants of your knot when it is removed. Our ties lie flat as a sign of the quality with which they are constructed and prices often belie the quality making them some of the best values for neckties in the men’s fashion market.