Tips and Advice

Choosing the right style of necktie

Trying to find the right combination of necktie and shirt should not be something to lose sleep over. The basic rule of thumb is to wear a tie that is darker than the shirt, but the style of neckwear can also be a confusing part of getting dressed but there are a few tips to make it easier.

There are many different styles of ties but the old classic style will never go out of fashion. It can be worn as part of your business attire, for a wedding and reception or many other formal and informal events that dictate a tie be worn. Along with the style the width of the tie can also create some controversy. As another rule of thumb, the width of your tie should never be any wider than the largest part of your lapel. The knot should be proportional to the necktie’s width and should look like something that was stuck on your throat.

When selecting tie colors remember that nearly every year there will be a new “in” color. Buying one may also require you to buy a new shirt to match the color. If possible wear or carry the shirt you will wear with the tie to the store to match them up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are having trouble matching colors. If you don’t and fail to achieve the proper contrast, chances are someone will tell you when it’s too late.

The material of your neckwear matters and should never end with pointed corners or sharp edges. Silk is considered the premier tie material but many others, usually less expensive can also make a good impression but you have to pay attention when you select the material Another point when selecting style, color and material is a flashy tie just might match your personality but not everyone looks good when they wear their personality around their neck. Stay away from bight, loud and obnoxious colors in order to be taken more seriously.

Caring for your ties

When it comes to caring for neckties it is important to understand the needs of the material of which the tie is made. No matter how much you spent on your neckties, they are meant to last essentially forever and with the proper care and handling they will. If you take a look into your closet will find some of your ties are probably several years old. Throwing them in a ball in the corner of your closet does not constitute caring for the tie.

When you take your tie off, remember that knot is not meant to become a permanent part of the neckwear. That knot should only last as long as necessary and if you can untie it while maintaining your appearance, it will be better. The longer you leave the tie knotted the faster it will develop creases and lines that will show up on the outer side of your necktie. You should either hang the tie up on a hanger or roll it up and put it in a drawer of your dresser to keep it looking like new.